Boat Carpentry Service


Specializing on high quality innovative boat carpentry service. We provide boat/yacht carpentry service to look your boat and yacht fascinating and appealing by using best trends in carpentry.

As you’re aware, the boat is exposed to sea conditions. A marine carpenter would need to build the interior/exterior fixture of a boat, that would be able to withstand salt water, high humidity, sunlight, and harsh winds. These are not exactly ideal conditions for traditional carpentry installations. In fact, normal wood products would deteriorate very quickly in such conditions. That’s why it’s absolutely essential that you hire a professional in marine carpentry for the job.
Just because it’s called marine carpentry doesn’t mean that the project would just involve wood. Wood is very vulnerable to marine conditions so other materials are often used as replacements. These modern materials are able to withstand the conditions better and are much more resilient.
Traditional carpenters don’t usually have skills with these materials and would be unable to complete a full boat interior job without assistance from a marine carpenter.

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