Boat and Yacht Deck Repair

Boat and yacht deck repair

We are specialize in boat and yacht deck repair. If you are looking for a teak deck but want a product that requires little maintenance? We offer synthetic teak decking options. Synthetic teak decking gives you the look of teak without the hassle. Artificial teak is made of top-quality materials and is naturally protected from the elements. We can customize and design your deck according to your needs and budget.
If you are looking for a new deck or just need repairs and maintenance, we have you covered. We have the experience necessary to install a custom deck according to your needs. Does your deck need to be repaired or refurbished? Every now and again your deck may need to be sanded, resealed or caulked to prevent damage or maintain its integrity. We will make sure to remove all uneven spots during the sanding process, caulk all leaky locations and seal for long term use. With our experience we will repair any wood exterior and leave it like new
The beauty of teak is in the durability. We can install it anywhere on your boat to add a customized look so you stand out from the crowd. Make your boat something you are proud of and add a teak look to your transom wall, coaming boards, and cover your entire deck. There are many types of decks and boats that need special attention when it comes to installation or repairs. We have over experience to handle every scenario. Let us ensure your deck that is customized to your and your boat’s needs. We take the time necessary to get all the information and update you during the entire process. There is no guess work and everything is considered before we begin. ​Make your sailboat or yacht’s wood exterior shine brighter than the sunny days ahead of you.

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